BLUSHING Handmade MINI Lovey

BLUSHING Handmade MINI Lovey

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Our hand sewn loveys are made with two layers of fabric. The top layer is made from 100% designer cotton. The bottom layer is made from soft, 100% polyester minky fabric. All fabric is hand washed with a natural, organic, environmentally friendly laundry detergent to prevent shrinkage. Our loveys are designed to withstand the numerous washings that will undoubtedly happen.

Our mini loveys are approximately 10.5 x 10 inches. Each lovey is hand crafted with love and special attention to detail-making each piece one of a kind. Each lovey has a wooden ring attached and is top stitched to ensure the highest quality.

We recommend hand washing the lovey and air drying to protect the integrity of the wooden ring. The wooden rings can be hand washed and rubbed with coconut oil.

Our planet is so beautiful! So after you open your darling purchase and squeal in excitement, be sure to skip the trash can in favor of the recycling bin.